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There was, in other words, no interest charge, it was considered a duty for one who had more to lend to another who had less, best online payday loans Nebraska from the beginning of history, the taking of interest for any purpose was frowned upon, but also, it was just as true then as it is now, there were those who could lend, and there were those who had to borrow. Weapons, dress and ornaments, the earliest forms of property, were unproductive, fertile land, herds of domestic animals , and slave labor, on the other hand, were productive in that they returned an increase to their owners. Restrictions on lending were incorporated in the Code of Hammurabi, ho interest was permitted for necessitous borrowing.

Nugent , Rolf, Regulation of the Small Loan business. There was an attempt to regulate the rate of interest charged, but it was un- successful. Money lending was a major social evil in their latter history, and interest charges were exorbitant o for people of small means. It was not until 1326 that credit for the poor and necessitous received any noticeable attention, in that year hi shop Jiende of trance recommended that "magis- trates make pledge loans at low rates of interest to those in need. Due to lack of funds neither of these attempts proved permanent. This was on the pawn shop idea where money was lent in small sums on pledges of per sonal property. The Pope in 1515 decreed that interest- taking was not sinful or illicit but meritorious. Pawnbroking institutions were not so popular in Prance due to ecclesiastical opposition to interest charges. Soon in England commercial and investment banking developed but these agencies dealt with the large land owner and the substantial merchant. Credit in small sums was refused legitimately but granted by subterfuge at high rates. So, in that year, Pawnbrokers were granted the right to a higher rate of return. Commercial lending for consumptive purposes probably began first in England sometime before the middle of the nineteenth century, the exact date cannot be determ- ined. The first Bill of Sales Act was enacted in 1854, and 1.

Many of these bills covered household furniture and were for sums of 1 20 or less.

Soon the American colonies grew away from intimate association with England and consequently the repeal of the usury laws in the old country did not bring about a similar change in this country. This was due partly to the agricultural economy of the United States before the Civil War. Great Britain in 1854 was primarily an industrial and trading nation and the interest rate restriction led to a flight of capital when interest rates were higher on the continent. In Massachusetts where industry and trade were relatively more important than in any other state prior to the Civil War the usury law was repealed in 1867. So much secrecy surrounded the transaction it is difficult to trace an exact date. The first small loan advertise- ment appeared in the Chicago Tribune in 1869. This ad- vertisement offered money to loan in small sums on real estate, personal articles and furniture. Boston Globe offering loans on furniture and on assignments of wages. Similar advert- isements appeared in papers in New iork, Chiaago, and Newark, best online payday loans Nebraska New Jersey.

From 1850 to the present time consumer credit grew in leaps and bounds in this country. Suddenly, with the swiftness of a skyscraper that rises from a hole in the ground to fifty stories of towering efficiency between Spring and Autumn, a great structure of banking for the masses is being reared. Nut, unlike the skyscraper, the public at large is not yet fully aware of the existence p of this financial structure, let alone its implications. Special finance companies have been organized to meet the new demand.

Such companies vary from a nation-wide chain doing business in the millions and mutual associations with thousands of members, to one-man offices doing business in the hundreds.

Even if their importance is measured only in terms of capital invested, these new agencies of mass finance equal some of the greatest American industrial groups 1.

Robinson, Louis and Nugent, Rolf, Regulation of the best online payday loans Nebraska Small Loan -Business. Clark, Evans, mass Financing comes to Aid Mass Production.

Put together, the instalment-credi t and small loan concerns represent an investment of about. The pawnbroker requires no note nor promise to pay.

Thus, the pawnbroker is more of a merchant than a lender, but, nevertheless, he is an agent whereby the con- sumer can obtain much needed credit. Clark, ifivans, Mass financing Comes to Aid Mass Production.

When the contract is purchased, the customer is notified that payments will be made to the finance company. This type of company operates on funds borrowed directly from banks or secured by selling short term notes to commercial paper brokers.

In this study I am concerned only with the personal finance companies, and, consequently , can give only a brief outline of the other agencies of consumer credit. The automo- bile industry accounts for over half of this total. The following year, the Virginia Corporation Commission granted to Arthur J. Morris of Norfolk a charter for a "gybrid institution" which was later to become the first Morris Plan bank. Clark, Evans, Mass financing Comes to Aid Mass Production Reprint from hew iork Times of April 27, 1930.