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Quicken Loans was Afforded Procedural online loans for bad credit in Utah Due Process 36 C. It is appropriate to include the void loan in the punitive damage ratio 40 2.

It is appropriate to include attorney fees in the punitive damage ratio 43 V.

Any cash advance loans Rhode Island Settlement Offset Is Waived 48 CONCLUSION 49 ii TABLE OF AUTHORITIES Page Cases Action Marine, Inc.

Rule 404(b) 16 vi This case is about the predatory lending practices of Quicken Loans, Inc. Those practices resulted in keystone findings and conclusions of the trial court that are not the subject of this appeal. See, Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law entered on Feb. However, two separate consumer statutes cash advance loans Rhode Island expressly provide for exactly that relief.

Because the award is reasonable, and tailored to exact an equitable punishment against Quicken for its wide-ranging misconduct in this case and to deter it from future frauds against West Virginia consumers, this Court should affirm the award. Finally, Quicken is asking this Court for an offset for an entirely distinct settlement, but this relief was not timely sought from the trial court and should not be available in the first instance here. Furthermore, such relief is not substantively appropriate. Jefferson was off work for several months while caring for Monique after Monique was ejected from her vehicle in a wreck. Jefferson solely responsible for the household expenses, including utilities, maintenance, taxes and insurance for a large, older home. These difficult circumstances led Respondents to obtain a loan secured by their home with Citifinancial, as well as another, unsecured loan, also with Citifinancial. The Loan Origination and Promise of Refinancing While on the internet, Ms. Jefferson saw a pop-up ad offering an attractive loan opportunity. She provided basic information and received telephone solicitations from different mortgage lenders. Quicken is a large national mortgage lender, headquartered near Detroit, Michigan.

Quicken is part of a financial network and wholly owned by Rock Holdings, which is the same parent company that owns Title Source, Inc ("TSI"), an appraisal management company servicing Quicken. Quicken had a "close relationship" with TSI and the two share office space. V at 29, 82-84 (A 1143, 1156) (Lyon - Designated Corporate Representative for Quicken). Jefferson did not "fill out" any Quicken paperwork. Information was taken over the telephone from her and entered by Johnson. Jefferson did not know the value of her home and she did not provide an estimate. Instead, she told Johnson the purchase price and provided a description of the home and improvements since purchasing it. Days later, an appraisal was ordered from former co-defendant Dewey Guida and his company Appraisals Unlimited (collectively, "Guida"). Jefferson a higher monthly payment than she expected based on the pop-up advertisement. Jefferson called Quicken and stated "that she no longer wants to go through with the loan. Jefferson a message stating that the appraisal came in where needed. Finally, there was another contact on June 6, 2006.

Jefferson relied upon, was that in accepting the loan offer by Quicken, she would be able to refinance the loan within three (3) to four (4) months from the date of closing, cash advance loans Rhode Island July 7, 2006. And I had an SUV at the time that really cost me a lot of money in gas, and I decided to get a car that was going to last me for a while. Jefferson to sign various documents, which were marked with "sign here" stickers. Jefferson felt rushed and the notary was unable to answer questions that she attempted to ask about the documents. Jefferson had any indication that there was a balloon payment on the Loan was during this rushed closing.

As is evident, the disparity of bargaining positions between Petitioner and Respondents was grossly unequal. Jefferson being "very fragile" and needing to be handled with "kid gloves. Nuckolls Deposition at 43-44 (A362) (Designated Corporate Representative for Quicken). Commissions for Quicken employees were based on the loan amount, loan type and number of loans closed per month.

The more loans and the higher the loan amounts or loan volume, the higher the commission. High revenue, subprime loans, like this Loan, paid a higher commission than prime loans. Finally, the threat of termination motivates cash advance loans Rhode Island loan agents. Jefferson contacted Johnson to start the refinancing. Jefferson made numerous calls to Quicken and, specifically, Johnson, in October 2006 without success. Furthermore, Quicken refused the refinancing at a time when Ms. Jefferson for missing payments presumably and hypothetical ly causing her credit score to drop. This, Quicken claims, is a failure on the part of Ms. IV at 175-178 (A1094-1095), 192 (A1098) (Nuckolls). Moreover, Quicken never even reported the Loan to the credit bureaus despite the fact cash advance loans Rhode Island that the premise behind the promise to refinance was that Ms. But there was no such condition and, in any event, it was only after Quicken declined to refinance Ms. Jefferson made the first two payments (September and October) to Quicken. The next payment was not due until November 1, 2006, and by this time Quicken had already refused Ms. Moreover, the November payment was not late under the contract until November 17, which is after the four month time frame for refinancing.

Further, the November payment could not be reported to the credit bureaus until December 1. In addition, there were no new delinquencies or other negative reporting for any of Ms. II at 128, 130 (A858, 860) (Saunders)("these credit lines, were no different. There was no pre-closing disclosure of the balloon payment. In fact, the loan as disclosed prior to closing did not have a balloon feature. When significant changes are made to a loan in processing, such as a new loan product, industry standards require that a revised good faith estimate be provided to the consumer. Because there was no disclosure, the balloon feature was cash advance loans Rhode Island unknown to Ms.

West Virginia law requires conspicuous disclosure of balloon payments. The amount of the balloon payment and its due date must be stated specifically on the promissory note.