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But no entity without government direction and support has any incentive or capacity to provide liquidity when capital is fleeing the market. While it might be possible for the Fed to serve this function, an additional and potentially potent source ofcountercydical liquidity is the portfolio investment capacity of Chartered Mortgage Institutions.

CMIs are close to the mortgage mar- kets, and could easily step in by purchasing whole loans, mortgage securities, and other instruments to provide mortgage liquidity during housing downturns.

A government guarantee of a specific class of senior debt (similar to the limited FDIC bank debt guaran- tee program of 2009, which following a finding of systemic risk in the economy enabled banks to access the otherwise-frozen market for senior unsecured debt) could accomplish this without reinstating the implied US. Management of guaranteed assets Companies insuring mortgage-backed securities must deal with nonperforming loans. The most efficient strategy is to buy the loans out of the guaranteed pool, substituting a new loan where that is permitted. Portfolio capacity enables a CMl to acquire a nonperforming loan, hilhll its obligation to investors, and hold the loan i need money now California while it is evaluated and cured or disposed of. Financing loans that cannot be securitized Effective mortgage securitization requires relatively fungible and homogenous assets underwritten to consistent standards.

Effective mortgage securitization requires relatively fungible and homogenous assets underwritten to consistent standards. While at the very lowest income levels, there is some direct government support, neither the government programs nor the private market effectively serve working-class households whose incomes are just above the eligibility thresholds for many subsidy programs. These i need money now California families need affordably priced rental housing near their workplaces but it is in very short supply. This in turn should help lower the cost of financing affordable rental housing and ensure a more stable supply of financ- ing throughout business and credit cycles. This framework should also make it possible to work with state and local housing finance agencies or other sources of local credit enhancement to adjust underwriting to meet local needs.

Based on the history of multifam- ily financing by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, we believe this affordabibty measure is easily achievable without posing an undue burden on the CMI, and it provides an important social benefit in meeting the need for affordable rental housing units. Over the past year, FHA provided access to credit for about 40 percent of purciiase mortgages. FHA reported in November in its annual report to Congress that, under conser- vative assumptions of future grovtth of home prices, and without any new policy actions, FHAs capital ratio is expected to approach the congressionafly mandated threshold of two percent of all insurance-in-force in 2014 and exceed the statu- tory requirement i need money now California in 201 5. FHAs market share was small during the i need money now California worst of the crisis and, while it is sustaining significant losses ftom loans insured prior to 2009, better performing loans are now helping to stabilize its financial position. FHA, however, lacks the systems, market expertise, and nimbleness one would hope to see in an institution with over SI trillion of insuronce-in-force. Their report and recommendations" concluded that Congress should reinvent FHA as a government corporation, under the direction of the Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, with strict and independent oversight of its performance in sening underserved markets and maintaining linancial soundness, but greater flexibility in product design to meet those personal loans in Florida ends.

The Harvard proposal would have created a new Federal Housing Corporation with for greater flexibility in procurement and personnel policies in order to jumpstart the transformation to a more business-like agency with a public purpose. The proposal was adopted by President Clinton in a HUD Reinvention Blueprint released in March 1 995. The FHA would need to charge premiums designed so that the insurance hinds would be actuarially sound.

These products would be subject to independent credit subsidy estimates approved by the Office of Management and Budget and additional private market-like measures of risk. In light of its continued importance, we should ensure that FHA has the tools it needs to best meet underserved hous- ing needs and provide countercyclical liquidity while doing what worb to protect tupayers optimally from any risk. Market Access Fund Mortgage finance should ensure broad and sufficient mortgage availability on rea- sonable and sustainable terms. Yet some groups of borrowers and certain types of housing have not been well served by the system of the past. This can occur for a number of reasons, including perceptions of risk, smaller deal size, or higher origi- nation costs. These gaps are especially important to fill in the aftermath of the housing crisis, where many communities saw equity stripped by subprime lending. Moreover, the larger economic downturn has hit underserved communities most heavily. In addition to existing programs like Section 8, the low income housing tax credit, and HOME, a MIy-hmded National Housing Trust Fund will help to meet these needs. But beyond cash grants to support affordable housing, we need the housing finance system to provide access to credit for affordable rental housing and homeounership. A relatively thin credit enhancement subsidy can help bring private capital to bear in meeting the afford- able housing needs of many communities. Ihe whole loan mortgage insurance provided by FHA and other similar programs brings private capital into underserved communities. Under these programs, a taxpayer insurance fund takes on almost all of the credit risk. Lenders who make FHA loans get fee and sersicing income, but they have very little capital at risk.

Thus, FHA insurance ensures loans are available to markets and borrowers private capital will i need money now California not serve. The danger would be that the private sector i need money now California could sec itself as having no responsibility to serve low- and moderate-income communities, communities of color, and communities hard- hit by the foreclosure crisis and other adverse conditions, claiming that the risks are inconsistent with their fiduciary duty to shareholders.