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In some instances the borrower repays the host government in its local currency at some agreed interest rate, which is generally higher than the rate of interest repaid to the U. While this report shows as the borrowers the entities no credit checking loans Wyoming actually receiving the loan or credits, the interest rates shown for such credits are those the host governments would pay in the event they elect, as they generally do, to collect from the borrowers and repay the U. Principal and interest collections recorded are those actually received by the U.

Government, whether from the primary obligor or the foreign government. Signature Date Entries in the "Signature Date" column of Table VII-2 are those reported by the agency responsible as the date the loan or credit agreement with the borrower was signed. Transactions of the Social Progress Trust Fund are valued as reported by the Inter-American Development Bank, which serves as administrator of the Fund.

SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION Totals are the rounded sums of unrounded numbers, so that the rounded detail entries do not necessarily add to these totals. Certain individual loans and credits of the Export-Import Bank may show negative values. Rates of interest listed for Arms Export Control Act credits reflect a weighted average of the rate of interest applied to each tranche of the credit drawn. Once a credit has been fully disbursed the rate of interest listed is the consolidated rate of interest applied to the fully disbursed credit. The "China (Unspecified)" category is used to refer to obligations incurred by China prior to 1949 whose status is currently under review. The repayment terms on certain no credit checking loans Wyoming loans same day loans Oregon and credits extended to Indonesia have been changed pursuant to a Debt Reorganization Agreement with that country. The status of each portion of the reorganized Indonesian debt is shown under the Nebraska poor credit score loans respective program headings as reported by the agencies involved. A no credit checking loans Wyoming credit with an amount overdue is not necessarily in default. Relationship of This Report to Other Published Data In addition to the present report, similar data (as of December 31) appear in the National Advisory Council on International Monetary and Financial Policies Annual Report.

The data here given agree by country and program with those tables with a few minor exceptions arising from the timing of agency reports.

Such differences are explained in the above referenced report. The September 30th issue of this report is also published in lieu of Table III of Statistical Annex 3 of the Annual Report of the Chairman of the Development Coordination Committee and submitted to the Congress in partial fulfillment of the reporting requirement in the Foreign Assistance Act, section 634 (a) (4). Data Not Included in This Report As previously noted, this report includes only data relating to active loans and credits. Cumulative amounts disbursed (utilized) as well as amounts fully repaid or otherwise terminated since July 1, 1945, may be found in the tables compiled by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, U. Department of Commerce, for the statistical appendix of the annual report of the National Advisory online payday loans Nebraska Council. This report does not include information on indebtedness due on any international claims settlements in which the U.

Government has entered into an agreement with a foreign government in order to collect claims due to American nationals (except for such claims included in the statistics on the German World War I indebtedness). Information on the value of foreign currencies held on deposit by the U. Government which have been generated from the sale of agricultural and other commodities or services by the no credit checking loans Wyoming Government is not contained herein. That information is reported 7 i i in hhp Rpnnrt on Foreign Cu rrencies Held by the U. Congo Logistical Support Operation: 15,559,012,082 13,900,747 1,700,378 199,839,448 824,396,361 4,475,148 200,924,915 6,368,634 1,700,378 199,839,448 600,995,208 4,475,148 Total Under Military Sales 16,603,324,164 1,014,303,731 Mutual Education and Cultural Exchange Act: 1,284,495 367,065 Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance: Currency Loans to Foreign Governments: Long-Term Dollar Sales: Currency Loans to Intermediate Financial Inst. Government agencies under a multilateral rescheduling agreement signed on September , 19 90 E 1 Salvador, Includes amounts sublet to a bilateral rescheduling agreement signed on Uovember 13, 1990. BIB date r, Uanuary 4 1991 Cuyana: includes amounts due U. Honduras, Includes amounts subject to a bilateral rescheduling agreement signed on December 20, 1990. Q Jamaica: Includes amounts subject to a bilateral rescheduling agreement signed on Decoder 20, 1990. BIB date is October 22, Zlia, United Bepublic of, Includes amounts subject to a bilateral rescheduling agreement signed on October 31, 1990. EIF date is November 5, CONSOLIDATED OUTSTANDING CREDITS OF THE U. Customs Service: National Institute of Standards and Technology. General Services Administration: National Technical Information Service: Panama Canal Commission: 11,959 63,132 95,177 3,135,285 526,188 18,717 78,115 213,740 5,984,123 NOTE: Totals may not add due to rounding. Credits with an amount overdue are not necessarily in conclusion of discussions or negotiations between the 6,577,209 default, the arrearages reported are frequently borrower and the collecting agency. Total for Argentina Aruba Postal Debt Settlements Total for Aruba Australia Under Military Sales: Logistical Support.

Total for Australia 7,270,953 7,270,953 6,461,950 6,461,950 6, 461, 950 9, 309 9, 309 no credit checking loans Wyoming 510 510 469 68,907 310 68,907 310 68,907 263 68,907 263 68,907 7,349,479 7,349,479 6,531,630 6,531,630 6,531,326 10,573 10,573 10,573 10,573 10,573 10,573 10,573 10,573 10,573 10,573 418,669 418,669 40,119 40,119 38,818 240,133 419 316 606 19,068 9,072 240,133 419 316 606 19,068 9,072 240,133 578 1, 560 13 240,133 578 1, 560 13 240,133 688,283 688,283 282,403 282,403 278,951 Austria Under Atomic Energy Act.

Total for Belgium Belize Postal no credit checking loans Wyoming Debt Settlements Total for Belize Bermuda Immigration and Naturalization Service U.