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Most tree planting projects are carried out by members of Oklahoma personal loans homeowners associations after development is complete.

The Newington Station project carried out this past spring is a good example. The forester made a field examination of the area taking slide pictures of the sites to be planted and developed a planting plan report for the proposed project.

At the March meeting of the homeowners association, the forester presented a program on urban watersned management showing che fi inti "Land is not a Product. On March 20th approximately 80 people planted trees on six sites setting out 2,500 trees in about three hours time. As a result of recommendations made in the Woodland Conservation Report for Rezoning Case C-661, Edward R, Carr, Developer, marketing assistance was requested by the developer and provided by the forester when a 20 acre site was prepared for home development. Marketing this timber salvaged material which probably would have been cut and pit burned in the land clearing operation. It also provided an income to the developer and lowered land clearing costs and pit burning costs. With the increase in rezoning applications and the acceleration of the rate of development within the watershed, the need for marketing assistance by developers and the opportunity to provide marketing assistance should also increase. Acceleration of Soil Surveys and Conservation Planning in Watershed and Flood Prevention Projects Watershed and Flood Prevention Operations funds are used tc accelerate soil surveys, conservation planning, and installation of conservation land treatment measures in PL-534 subwatersheds and PL-566 watershed projects as specified in project work plans. This acceleration of technical assistance is provided to help meet project objectives within the agreed upon installation period. The following table shows the acres of soil surveys and the number and acres of conservation farm and ranch plans prepared in the 1976 fiscal year with Watershed and Flood Prevention Operations funds and estimates for 1977 and 1978. Near Waco, Texas, the PL 566 watershed dam (below center) traps peak storm runoff and safely discharges it over a long period, thereby protecting the fertile land and roads. Item Watershed and Flood Prevention Operations funds Other Funds Grand Total in Projects Soil surveys (acres mapped). Works of Improvement Installed in Watershed and Flood Prevention Projects The following table shows the works of improvement installed in Watershed and Flood Prevention projects in fiscal year 1976 and cumulative accomplishments in these watersheds under all programs as of June 30, 1976, with technical and financial assistance provided by the Soil Conservation Service and the Forest Service.

Practices With Assistance Under :"0n the Land" in Works of Improvement : Unit :Watershed and : :Active Projects : :Flood Prev. Miles 136 47 3,382 Systems Agricultural Storage No. Storage Reservoir Acres — 14 94,438 Land Treatment Measures : Wildlife Watering Facility No. Miles 4 11 Oklahoma personal loans — 929 11 - 230 - Installed in 1976 : Est. The Farmers Home Administration has been assigned responsibility for making these loans to sponsors of such projects approved for operations.

No loan may be made until the Soil Conservation Service and the local organization have agreed on a plan for works of improvement.

Public Law 94-419, approved August 30, 1972, provided for making such loans on an insured basis under the Agricultural Credit Insurance Fund. Total applications for consideration during year 74 53,978 111 102,200 112 133,800 4.

Applications for loans received by the Farmers Home Administration have varied greatly in amount. Most applications have included requests for funds to purchase land easements or rights-of-way and pay legal fees and organization costs.

Great plains conservation program: (a) Cost-sharing assistance. Great plains conservation program : (a) Cost-sharing assistance.. Great plains conservation (c) Technical assistance.

Great plains conservation program (a) Cost-sharing assistance. PL 91-118 amends PL 84-1021 to extend the Great Plains cost-share contracting authority to December 31, 1981. This program is in online loans North Dakota addition to other USDA soil and water conservation programs in the counties designated for participation and is coordinated with programs and objectives of locally managed conservation districts, state agencies, and community groups. Potential Workload: Estimated acreage in the 469 designated counties that could come under Great Plains contracts. Authority for states to approve second contracts became policy on October 1, 1976. The purpose of the program is to assist farmers and ranchers in planning and applying resource management systems on their farms and ranches to prevent or reduce the effects of the climatic hazards of the area. Benefits to be achieved are protection and improvement of soil, water, plant, and wildlife resources through reduction of - 234 - erosion and sedimentation, abatement of agriculture-related pollution, and thereby help stable the local economy. Activities include: -- Cost-sharing assistance - Payments are made to program participants for a share of the cost of installing eligible conservation practices scheduled in contracts. Program results Number of contract applications received. Number of applications awaiting contracts at end of year. Number of applications awaiting contracts (acres in 1,000). Need for Decrease: Funds for new contracts and the corresponding cost-share programming and contract administration work are proposed to be eliminated.

The Department plans to propose new cost-sharing Legislation designed to replace several cost-share programs Oklahoma personal loans currently in effect.

This program provides assistance, Texas loans for bad credit under long-term contracts, to land users in designated counties of the 10 Great Plains States. It is designed to provide needed protection and improvement of soil, water, plant, and wildlife resources of the unique Plains area, which is plagued with recurring drought and wind erosion problems. As of June Oklahoma personal loans 30, 1976, 469 counties had been designated for participation in the Great Plains Conservation Program.

Cost-shares for installation of permanent conservation practices scheduled under long-term contracts.

Cost-share payments vary from 30 to 80 percent of the average costs incurred by program participants for installation of eligible conservation practices. Financial assistance enables cooperators to install conservation practices in the proper sequence as scheduled in their contracts.

Technical services of soil and range conservationists, engineers, and other agricultural specialists are provided to help install sound conservation programs adapted to each farm or ranch. These services include: (a) Cost- share programming and contract administration. Farmers and ranchers contract to complete their plans of operation as scheduled. Assistance in practice installation is provided when needed for site selection, topographic surveys, detailed designs, practice layout, and certification. Program Assignments The Soil Conservation Service has responsibility for administration of the Great Plains Conservation Program. State and county program committees participate in program development and coordination of activities. The Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service certifies that cost-share payments are not duplicates of payments made under programs administered by it and searches the indebtedness register to determine whether cost-share payments should be set-off against amounts due the Federal Government.