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Do they supply weak animals intentionally 1 —That is not the case. They do get good animals, but for want of proper care they become weak.

Non-members are still in the dutches of these money-lenderB. I have said that in rural areas no cases of money-lenders receiving deposits systematically and regularly have come to notice. Then say on 18 per cent, he would get a net return of 6 per cent. Besides this, losses of creditors are not always gains of debtors. How much money of the mahajans is lying as a deposit in your bank? Chairman : In the istimrari areas here are the tenants all tenants- at-will 1 In Oudh they have made life tenancies now. Chablani : The rates of interest on loans in the istimrari areas are very high? Bal Kishen: Have you got any societies in the istimrari areas? Is there a statement in the audit note of your primary societies to show either deterioration or improvement of the economic conditions of members?

From that do you see what the economic condition of an average- society is? The majority of borrowers consists of those persons who own less than economic holdings. If grain is borrowed, the interest is calculated by badi, i.

The only method for enforcing payment of debt is by taking legal proceedings against the borrowers. The Pathans, called Kabulis, give small sums of money to poor labourers or destitute agriculturists at a very high rate of interest, i.

All are tenants at will and hence the actual cultivator has no incentive quick loans Tennessee to produce more.

The istimrardars take begar (forced labour) in some cases but not in lieu of interest. As soon as the crops are ready, they take them in carts to the market to sell them or sell them in their own village in lieu of their debt to the money-lender, 1300. Recently a bogus bank called the Popular Bank was floated by one Mr. They however proved that there was demand for long term credit. The agriculturist cannot get the money on favourable terms and for long periods as he otherwise would have got.

Similarly dairy farms can be profitably run on the lines of Aligarh Dairy Farm because there is a large demand for pure milk and butter. Most of them pay interest at the rate of 2 pice or one anna per rupee per month. Arrangement should be made to get loans for them at a clieapei rate viz. The speculative buying and selling tendencies of firms should be stopped at Bombay, Calcutta and Karachi. The business of the money-lenders is generally declining. Persons in affluent circumstances are scarcely 5 per cent. The people are poverty-stricken and now no valuables or ornaments are kept buried in villages except in the rare cases of a few mahajans. The traders do not use them because a good deal of time is wasted in the Imperial Bank or other banks in getting their cheques cashed. Yes vernacular scripts should be used in banking and Imperial Bank authorities should make arrangements for early disposal and not keep public waiting for hours together, 1324. The educated classes resort to such form of investment.

Does it meag that because of the uneconomic holding they have to borrow? Those persons who own less than an economic holding must be borrowing even for necessary purposes?

If most of the people are in that condition you cannot attribute most of their debts to extravagance. Is the major cause extravagance or uneconomic holdings? At what time is this loan in kind given, in which month? H e could not be borrowing at the time of the harvest? Is the price of wheat in October always higher than in February? There is only a difference of half a seer between October and March. In kharif we have bajra and makki, and in rabi wheat. Most of the land cannot be wheat land, because it is not irrigated land? What is the difference in rates between October and March?

It is only in rare cases that there is a difference. When in calculating yoji must allow Mississippi unsecured loans for the difference in thg price of grain at the time of lending and at the time of borrowing. You say that generally the rates of Kan-war Chand Karan Sarda. What did the court award 1 —Formerly the court used to lessen the rates but now recently a circular has been issued by the Judid.

If 30 per cent, was agreed upon then the courts should have actually awarded 30 per cent. From the time the loan is actually given to the time that the decree is executed in complete satisfaction of the claim, what is the return on the money? After the court gives decree dees the court give interest from the quick loans Tennessee date of the decree?

You might give us particulars as to the date of a decree, the date of recovery, etc. Have the courts awarded to Pathans 2 annas to 4 annas per rupee per mensem 1 online loans for bad credit in Delaware —They very rarely come to the court. At quick loans Tennessee present I do not remember their names, They are mostly workshop coolies. Are there any workshop coolies in co-operative societies? Taking the tenant on the khalsa land, how much does he pay? Do the istimrari tenants borrow from the istimrardari l —The istimrardan themselves are in debt. Can you give us figures for interest rates charged to agriculturists before the Land Alienation Act 1 —The old khatas can give. Why do you say it is a fair price, when only the city people will accept 6 annas per cent. The actual realisation must be ample to give him more profit You see this shows their lack of capacity to properly appreciate matters. There was one gentleman who used to beat the debtors with shoes and ask why they did not pay such and such instalments. The village money-lender sits with the debtors and asks about their welfare and so on. Do you mean the nominal rate of interest as contrasted with the net, return? They arrest the debtor, bring him, into court and ask him why,he has not paid. For that special messenger the Kan war Chand Karan Sarda. There are many persons who are members of the co-operative banks and w T ho borrow from both. Do you think that the same sort of people are taking more and more interest in the co-operative movement (in thia province 1—I do not think. Do you not take any interest in the co-operative movement 1 —I take great interest but I have not actually been in co-operative societies.

If non-officials in other provinces have come in greater number they can come in Ajmer also if the people have a desire for it?