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Copies of such filing also will be available for inspection and copying at the principal office of the Amex. You should submit only information that you wish Texas need money now to make available publicly. All submissions should refer to SR-Amex—2004—19 and should be submitted on or before May 24, 2004. The interest a distribution amount that the holder receives, however, will depend on the monthly returns of the Global Titans Index, with each such monthly return subject of a periodic appreciation cap. While the interest distribution amount will not be less than zero, the investor may Texas need money now not receive any interest if the index return is less than or equal to an interest received percentage. The Amex requests that the Commission approve the proposal, on an accelerated basis to accommodate the timetable of listing the Notes. The Commission notes that it has previously approved the listing of options on, and securities the performance of which have been linked to or based on, the streetTRACKS Dow Jones Global Titans Index Fund.?!

The Notes are debt instruments, the price of which Wyoming payday loans will be derived from and based upon the value of the Global Titans Index.

The Notes have a minimum principal amount that will be repaid at maturity. The interest distribution amount is derivatively based on the monthly returns of the.

Because the final rate of interest return of the Notes is derivatively priced, based on the performance of the 50 common stocks underlying the Global Titans Index, there are several issues regarding the trading of this type of product. Moreover, the Commission notes that the Exchange will distribute a circular to its membership calling attention to the specific risks associated with the Notes. The Commission also notes that Citigroup will deliver a prospectus in connection with the initial sales of the Notes. In addition, the Commission notes that Amex will incorporate and rely upon its existing surveillance procedures governing equities, which have been deemed adequate under the Act. In approving the product, the Commission recognizes that the Global Titan Index is a price-weighted index comprised of 50 common stocks chosen by Dow Jones. In constructing the Global Titans Index, a multi-factor methodology is adopted.

First, the 3,000 stocks of the Dow Jones Global Indexes are used as the Initial Pool with a view towards ensuring that all candidates are investable, liquid and representative of the global markets.

Market capitalization is then used as the first screen to create the Final Pool by selecting the top 100 companies. The combined rankings of these four fundamental factors determine the fundamental rank of each company. The fundamental rank and the market capitalization rank are used equally as the basis for selecting the Index components. The Index methodology described above is subject to an annual review. Given the compositions of the stocks underlying the Global Titans Index, the Commission believes that the listing and trading of the Notes that are linked to the Global Titans Index, should not unduly impact the market for the underlying securities comprising the Global Titans Index or raise manipulative concerns. As discussed more fully above, the underlying stocks comprising the Global Titans Index are well-capitalized, highly liquid stocks. Moreover, the majority of the issuers of the underlying securities comprising the Global Titans Index are subject to reporting requirements under the Act, and nearly all of the component stocks are either listed or traded on, or traded through the facilities of, U.

While last sale reporting is not available for these securities and they are not subject to the reporting requirements of the Act, the Commission notes that they only comprise 5. Furthermore, the Commission notes that the Notes are depending upon the individual credit of the issuer, Citigroup. However, as the Commission has concluded in previous approval orders for other hybrid instruments issued by broker- dealers,? Burns, Associate -General Counsel, Amex, and Florence E. Harmon, Senior Special Counsel, Division, Commission, on April 26, 2004. The Commission believes that providing access to the value of the Global Titans Index at least once every fifteen seconds throughout the trading day is important and will provide benefits to investors in the product.

The Commission finds good cause for approving the proposed rule change, as amended, prior to the thirtieth day after the date of publication of notice of filing thereof in the Federal Register. In addition, the Commission notes that it has previously approved the listing and trading of similar Notes and other hybrid securities based on the Index.? Conclusion It is therefore ordered, pursuant to section 19(b)(2) of the Texas need money now Act,? For the Commission, by the Division of Market Regulation, pursuant to delegated authority. The Commission is publishing this notice to solicit comments on the proposed rule change from interested persons.

The text of the proposed rule change is available at Amex and at the Commission. Change In its filing with the Commission, the Exchange included statements concerning the purpose of and basis for the proposed rule change and discussed any comments it received on the proposed rule change. The text of these statements may be examined at the places specified in Item IV below. The Exchange has prepared summaries, set forth in Sections A, B, and C below, of the most significant parts of such statements. Purpose The Exchange proposes to extend its specialist allocation and performance evaluation rules for securities admitted to dealings on a UTP basis while the Commission considers permanent approval of these rules. The proposed rule change does not alter the operation of either of the Pilots in any way. That description has not been included in this notice because it is duplicative of the descriptions contained in the original approval orders for the Pilots.