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Upon receipt of such application said board shall furnish the subscribers a form of notice specifying the names of the proposed incorporators and the name and location of the proposed co-operative bank, and assigning a date and place for a public hearing on the ap- VI APPENDIX. The subscribers shall publish the notice at least once a week for three successive weeks, in one or more newspapers designated by said board, and published in the city or town in which it is desired to establish the bank, and in case no such newspaper is published, then in a newspaper published in that city or town nearest to the location Wyoming personal loans for bad credit of the bank in which a newspaper is published. If said board refuses to issue such certificate, no further proceedings shall be had, but the application may be renewed after one year from the date of the refusal, in which case notice of a public hearing thereon shall be published as hereinbefore provided. The first meeting of the subscribers to the agreement of association shall be called by a notice signed either by that sub- scriber to the agreement? A copy of the notice shall, seven days at least before the day appointed for the meeting, be given to loans for bad credit in Mississippi each subscriber, or left at his residence or usual place of business, or deposited in the post office, postage prepaid, and addressed to him at his residence or usual place of business, and another copy thereof and an affidavit by one of the signers that the notice has duly been served shall be recorded with the records of the corporation. If all the in- corporators shall in writing, endorsed upon the agreement of association, waive such notice and fix the time and place of the meeting, no notice shall be required. The subscribers to the agreement of association shall hold the franchise until the organization has been completed. At the first meeting, or at any adjournment thereof, the incorporators shall organize by the choice by ballot of a temporary clerk, by the adoption of by-laws and by the election, in such manner as the by- laws may determine, of a president, a clerk of the corporation, a treas- urer, a board of not less than five directors, and such other officers as the by-laws may personal loans for bad credit Michigan prescribe. All the officers so elected shall be sworn to the faithful performance of their duties. The temporary clerk shall make and attest a record of the proceedings until the clerk has been chosen and sworn, including a record of the choice and quali- fication of the clerk. The president and a majority of the directors who are elected at the first meeting shall make, sign and make oath to, in dupli- cate, articles setting forth: Wyoming personal loans for bad credit — a. A true copy of the agreement of association, the names of the subscribers thereto, and the name, residence and post office address of each of the officers of the corporation. The date of the first meeting and the successive adjournments thereof, if any. One duplicate original of the articles so signed and sworn to shall be submitted to said board, and the other, together with the records of the proposed corporation, to the commissioner of corporations, who shall examine the same and who may require such amendment thereof or such additional information as he may consider necessary. If he finds that the articles conform to the provisions of sections one, two and three of this act, and that the provisions of section two have been complied with, he shall so certify and endorse his approval thereon.

Thereupon the articles shall be fired in the office of the secretary of the commonwealth, who upon payment of a fee of five dollars, shall APPENDIX. Be it known that whereas (the names of the subscribers to the agreement of association) have associated themselves with the intention of forming a corporation under the name of (the name of the corporation), for the purpose (the purpose declared in the agreement of association), and have complied with the provisions of the statutes of this commonwealth in such case made and provided, as appears from the articles of organization of said corporation duly approved by the commissioner of corporations and recorded Ohio online payday loans in this office: now, therefore, I (the name of the secretary), secretary of the com- monwealth of Massachusetts, do hereby certify that said (the names of the subscribers to the agreement of association), their associates and successors, are legally organized and established as, and are hereby made, an existing corporation under the name of (name of the corporation), with the powers, rights and privileges, and subject to Wyoming personal loans for bad credit the limitations, duties and restrictions, which by law appertain thereto. Witness my official signature hereunto subscribed, and the great seal of the commonwealth of Massachusetts hereunto affixed, this day of in the year of (the date of the filing of the articles of organization). The secretary shaU sign the certificate of incorporation and cause the great seal of the commonwealth to be thereto affixed, and such certificate shall have the force and effect of a special charter. The existence of every such corporation which is not created by special law shall begin upon the filing of the articles of organization in the office of the secretary of the commonwealth. The secretary of the commonwealth shall also cause a record of the certificate of incorporation to be made, and such certificate or such record, or a certified copy thereof, shall be conclusive evidence of the existence of the corporation.